Ways to Prevent Your Child’s Misbehavior


While avoiding tantrums during the difficult toddler years or annulling disobeying attitudes might not sound like something that’s 100% achievable to most parents, fact is that there are quite a few tested techniques out there that can at least partially prevent your child’s misbehavior. And they’re all about building a strong foundation, full of meaningful connections and love – here’s our fast 1,2,3 guide designed to help you prevent tough parenting situations.

Cultivate a Strong Connection with Your Child

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Building a strong connection with your child is something that takes complete dedication, determination and unrestricted love – and you’ll find that making it an active daily goal is the only way to go. In order to make sure that the bond between you and your child is unbreakable, the first thing you need to consider is speaking in your child’s love language, whether that means extra hugs and kisses, extra play time as a family or simple words of love and appreciation. Another essential element that will undoubtedly help you build the strongest foundation is laughter – from dressing up in costumes and building forts under the dining table to dance parties and funny cartoons, the list of activities that can strengthen your bond through laughter is endless.

Actively Eliminate the Stressors in Your Child’s Life

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We all deal with certain stress factors on day to day basis and children are definitely not immune to them either. Whether your child is scared of certain noises, lights, darkness, imaginary characters or actual life situations (such as divorce, fights between parents, tension at school and so on), the most important thing you need to do is to first identify the stressors in your child’s life, then to try and reduce, if not completely eliminate them. More often than not, little children are disproportionately scared of things that we tend to dismiss, without realizing just how much they impact their quality of life – and that is precisely why the first step you can take is to validate your child’s feelings by listening to them and encouraging them to share their fears.

Pay and Give All Your Attention

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“Not now, mommy is busy!” is something we’ve all probably said at one point as parents, in one form or another – and if you’re part of the club, you probably feel a tad remorseful about it. But in today’s high-paced life, prioritizing is everything. And simply interacting with your child a few times during the day is sadly not enough in order to make them feel completely connected with you. In order to avoid future misbehaviors, it is highly important to acknowledge their initiatives and good behavior and verbally communicate to them that you are paying attention, listening and making them a priority.