Top Reasons to Let Your Kids Watch Educational Cartoons


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Too much screen time in your household, resulting in irritable kids with low attention spans? We’ve all been there – and since simply taking the iPad or the TV out of the equation completely doesn’t seem like a viable solution, it’s all about making smarter choices when it comes to the cartoons your kids are watching.

Cartoons Can Help with Sibling Rivalry

Lately, your little ones seem to be fighting all day, every day – and you seem to be using all your energy on helping them achieve a compromise. If you’re on the fence about letting them have more screen time, then you might just go for it after this little tip: cute educational shows like Max and Ruby deal exactly with that, namely sibling rivalry – and as you might have guessed, the stars of the show, aka two adorable bunnies, always seem to work things out in very mature, yet often witty and funny ways.

Cartoons Can Help Your Kids Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Struggling with math in Pre-K? No interest in solving age-appropriate problems or tackling the workbooks from the kindergarten? While you might be reticent to the idea, educational cartoons have the power to help your little one develop stronger math skills and problem-solving abilities. Focus on finding the type of shows that provide simple lessons – and if you don’t know where to start, shows like Cyberchase or, for the younger ones, Curious George are designed to make your kids interested in learning new things, while enjoying the adventures of adorable characters that stimulate their imagination.

Cartoons Can Introduce Your Kids to Important Concepts and Values

When it comes to educational cartoons, the learning possibilities are endless and certainly don’t stop at simple math or alphabet lessons. Besides helping your kids learn their letters and numbers with the help of catchy songs and brightly colored cartoons, you can also introduce shows that present concepts such as healthy eating, sharing, family values, helping others and friendship. From Peppa Pig to Sofia the First and from Doc McStuffins to Wonder Pets, there is a wide range of shows that can actually make the job of parenting a tad easier, by introducing the topic of essential concepts and values.