Tips For Dating Again As A Single Parent


Many of us have been there, single again after a divorce. Maybe it’s been many years since the split, or maybe it’s more recent. Maybe we’re effective co-parents with our ex-spouse, or maybe we’re truly single parents, everyone’s situation is different. We’d like to offer you some universal tips to make it easier to get back out there and start dating again.

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Sometimes it can be a good idea to just get out and meet other single parents in kid-friendly areas. Take your kid to the park, a museum, or bookstore, and keep your eye out for a good looking stranger who just might be in the same boat you are. Don’t be nervous! It doesn’t have to go anywhere, just learn to flex your flirting muscles again. Keep it light, and make sure the object of your affection isn’t their with a partner, or wearing a ring! Proceed with caution, and find out if they’re single before making your move. This can also be a great way to reveal you have kids, because.. you’re there with your kids!

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It can be difficult to have the conversation with your kids around your new dating life. Don’t lie to your kids, but it can be appropriate to be vague depending on the age of your children. Never overshare with your children or bring them into your relationships. Keep it simple, and use terminology like “meeting new people” or even “friends”. If they ask questions about your dates, you can answer them, and if they seem satisfied with your answer, switch the subject back to something important in their life such as school or their friends.

Above all, just take it easy! There’s no rush, and no pressure. The important thing is to get out and just starting meeting people.