Insane Mansions of the Rich and Famous


Being rich and famous certainly has its perks, namely owning a mansion or two.  Having your own mansion means you could do whatever you want to it, literally anything you want, you got it. Remember when you were young and idealistic, dreaming of what you would put in your own mansion that you’re sure that you would one day own. An indoor pool, a gym, a theatre room or even a Ferris wheel in your backyard! Well, these blessed people don’t need to dream, they’re living the dream. Read on below to see some insane mansions owned by the rich and famous.

Mark Wahlberg

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Hollywood hunk Mark Wahlberg lives in his whopping 30,000 square-foot house, scratch that, mansion.  Located in the very prestigious community of Beverly Hills, California, and was designed by famous LA designer, Richard Landry. His French inspired estate is built entirely of stone and boasts 11 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, a stone pool, a spa, full-sized basketball court and to top it all off, a backyard putting green. Finally, if you thought that Wahlberg must have waited years for this to be built, you thought wrong. It only took 5 years. Sounds like a holiday resort if you ask me!

Clint Eastwood

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While this mansion may not look as massive as Wahlberg’s, make no mistake this Hacienda-style estate is valued at a breezy $9.75 million! Famous actor Clint Eastwood currently lives at his 6,900 square-foot home in Pebble Beach, California. This beautiful, exposed brick mansion has six bedrooms, thick adobe walls with the original Spanish-style wooden doors in the front of the home. The most impressive feature of this estate is the opened-air cobbled fountain inside the house. You know you’ve made it in life when you have indoor fountains in your mansion.

Jennifer Aniston

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Most famous for her role as Rachel Green in the tv show Friends, Aniston bought this two-acre ultra-modern home in 2011. Originally built in 1965 by A. Quincy Jones, this relatively small 8,500 square foot home is situated in the Bel Air neighbourhood and overlooks downtown LA and the Pacific Ocean. While it may look small in the photo, it is made up of four bedrooms, six and half bathrooms, a guesthouse and a wine cellar. One of her favourite features is the above ground pool with its vintage faucets and temperature dials.    

Eddie Murphey

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Actor and comedian, Eddie Murphey splurged a whopping $10 million for his 3.7-acre home in Beverly Hills in 2001. We can only imagine what the property is worth nowadays. His neighbors were stars alike Rod Stewart and Denzel Washington, so he had to be sure his 40,000 square-foot mansion made the cut. And it certainly did! This 19th century Classical Italianate style home is made up of nine bedrooms and bathrooms, two-story library, a tennis court, bowling alley and a pool. But wait there’s still more. The mansion also has a 5,200 square-foot detached guest house. 

Denzel Washington

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Action movie actor Denzel Washington lives in the infamous Beverly Park Estate, on Mulholland Drive in the San Fernando Valley. Interestingly he is actually Eddie Murphey’s neighbour, we wonder if they ever hang out. The massive 1.5-acre home is heavily guarded, making it difficult to enter. The most striking features of his home is the sprawling green manicured lawns, a lovely airy pool area and an enclosed tennis court. Looking at the photo we can only imagine how many bedrooms the mansion might have, more than most people can afford. 

Ariana Grande

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Pop sensation Ariane Grande bought this ultra-modern mansion situated on scenic Bird Street above LA’S Sunset Strip for a cool $13.7 million! The home spans more than 10,000 square feet and features plenty of large windows that let in a ton of natural light while still keeping her privacy. Along the front of the mansion are a series of never-ending balconies, can you imagine watching a sunset up there!  This home was originally built and designed in 2018 as a spec mansion, meaning that it sat empty before she bought it. What a bargain! 

Miley Cyrus

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Earlier Disney Channel star and singer Miley Cyrus bought her stunning country estate for a staggering $5.8 million. Based in the stunning leafy area of Tennessee her new farmhouse spans a sizable 6,698 square-feet and has five bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a large covered outdoor entertainment area with chairs, a beautiful pool and a natural looking garden. Compared to the other mansions on this list, Cyrus’s new house looks rather quaint and has the ultimate country chic interior to match her country roots and style. What more could a girl wish for!   

Jay-Z and Beyonce

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Power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce purchased their cosy home in 2017 for a, wait for it, a mind-blowing $88 million! We lied, there is nothing cosy about this 30,000 square-foot home. Situated in the prestigious Bel-Air neighbourhood, their mansion is made up of six structures and boasts many impressive features like four swimming pools, a spa and wellness facility, as well as bulletproof windows…strange flex but okay. The numerous outdoor patios and terraces offer tantalizing views of LA, we can’t imagine why anyone would ever want to leave this home, I would stay home all day every day. 

Taylor Swift

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Famous singer/songwriter Taylor Swift really wanted to live along the east coast and so she bought her stunning seaside mansion for $17.8 million and to top it all off, she paid for the entire property in cash! Imagine having that amount of money in cash to buy yourself a mansion. Nestled atop of Rhode Island’s Watch Hill, the mansion spans 11,000 square-feet and has an impressive seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The country style windows offer plenty of sea views and the property is sprawling with green manicured lawns. Call us officially jealous!  

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

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Timberlake and his wife Biel live in a very luxurious LA mansion situated in the famous Mulholland Drive, meaning they room it up with the likes of Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphey, lucky them! Timberlake bought this immaculate home from actress Helen Hunt in 2002, which included five bedrooms, eight bathrooms as well as a large guesthouse. Timberlake still wasn’t completely happy and recently he added a basketball court, a large swimming pool and a putting green. We certainly hope he’s happy with his mansion now, we know we would definitely be happy!