How to Teach Your Kids to Choose the Right Foods


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They don’t even dare to come near broccoli and they won’t even taste your delicious vegetable lasagnas, not to mention their terrible aversion to anything peas-related. If you can identify with all these, then join the club of frustrated moms that are trying to teach their little ones healthy eating habits. Well, we’re not giving up on our healthy eating mission and if you don’t have any intention to either, then we’ve narrowed down a few fast tips we should all be applying on day to day basis:

Tip 1: Always Load Up on Healthy Snacks

Whether you’re planning on going to the park, on a road trip or to the beach, this parenting 101 tip is simply a must-do. Since kids get hungry roughly every 3 hours, make sure you always have your carrot sticks, hummus, yogurt, nuts, seeds and fruit packed up and at arm’s reach. You’ll be surprised just how this simple trick will help you avoid all those trips to fast food joints or donut shops.

Tip 2: Be Patient When Introducing New Foods

If your little one won’t try sweet potatoes, then hide them in their regular mashed potatoes – but start small, so they wouldn’t be able to tell the color difference. Step by step, include more and more sweet potatoes in the mashed meal. If done gradually and slowly, most new foods will be accepted by your stubborn kids. The same goes for a variety of other meals: if your little one won’t accept a plate of peas, then start out with putting a single pea on their plate together with other dishes and increase the portion slowly every week.

Tip 3: Prepare Big Family Meals with Your Kids

When you encourage your kids to help you cook, you have far better chances of convincing them to try their culinary creations. Since most kids take pride in their accomplishments, you will notice how they will be extra interested to test out what the entire family is eating. Moreover, planning a big family meal with lots of options is always advisable instead of preparing different meals for different family members, as it encourages the little ones to copy their parents’ eating habits.