Hollywood Legends And Their Spectacular Cars


Being famous in Hollywood has its many perks, one of those is having a ton of money to splash around. With so much capital, they could spend their money on anything from expensive property, luxury homes, unbelievable vacations to branded clothing. In this article we discuss Hollywood legends who on top of spending money on lavish homes, spent millions of dollars on cars so spectacular that we are so jealous of. So, buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life as we go through the top 10 stars and their impressive cars.

Lindsey Graham

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Current U.S senior senator, Lindsey Graham is the first person on our list. It was up until 2021 that he acted as head of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, however he was vacated from the Capitol after pro-Trump supporters stormed the building. Being a senior senator certainly comes with a lot of perks. After donating his 2003 Crown Victoria in 2016, then trading up to a BMW, Graham is spotted nowadays cruising around in a Ranger Rover Sport, starting at a price of $69K.  

If you’re looking for a well-paying job to buy a nice car, consider politics!

Mike Pence

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Again, we have another politician, Mike Pence, who was Vice President in 2021 until Kamala Harris took over, driving around in a pretty impressive car. In 2019 he attended LordsTown Motors, a company owned by General Motors, for the unveiling of the Ford Endurance. Then in 2020 he was pictured behind the wheel of a 2020 Ford F-150, I guess you could say that he is a big Ford fan! His F-150 truck is fully electric and comes with four different options, the XL starting at $28K, this is just the base line. You want all the gadgets? If so, you’re looking at $52K.

Steven Tyler

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Legendary rock singer, Steven Tyler made millions if not billions of monies during his time performing with rock band Aerosmith. With all this money he has been able to spend it on many cool things, like houses, guitars, clothes and cars. Perhaps considered one of the coolest cars he ever bought was the Hennessy Venom GT Spider sports car. This car is estimated to be worth around 1.1 million dollars. Tyler no longer has the car as he auctioned it off and gave the proceeds to one of his charitable organizations. What a nice guy!     

Barbra Streisand

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77-year-old Barbra Streisand has stood the test against time and has cemented herself as a legend within the Hollywood community. Known for her amazing acting and singing talents, Streisand has certainly accumulated herself a nice nest egg of dollars. Unlike Steven Tyler’s excessive sports car, Streisand has gone for something simple and reliable, a black Ford Explorer. While we’re not 100% sure what model her one is, a newer base model will cost around $32K. Not bad for the 77-Year-old. We’re sure that if she ever wanted to upgrade to a newer model, she most certainly could afford it.

Diane Keaton

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Like Kim Kardashian and her sisters, 75-year-old actress Diane Keaton also drives around in her luxurious black Mercedes-Benz- G-Class SUV. With her recent role in Poms in 2019, she is very popular. We’re not sure what she really needs a luxury SUV for, we’re pretty impressed that an actress in their 70’s drives around in a car like this. It was said that she had spent around $100K on the vehicle.  Obviously, she loves her car as she is often seen pictured driving it and we hope that she has many more happy miles still ahead of her in her car.

Jaime Lee Curtis

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Unlike the other A-listers on our list, actress Jamie Lee Curtis didn’t actually spend any money on her Honda FCX Clarity. This rather zooty looking car was actually given to her, for free. Maybe the gifter was a big fan of her movies like Halloween, Freaky Friday and Knives Out, that they just needed to gift her a car. We sure wish that someone would gift us a car, a nice one like that too! If you did want to buy the car for yourself, be prepared to spend at least $33.4 K on the base model.

O.J Simpson

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Known for his expensive taste in cars, O.J Simpson now drives a brand-new Bentley Continental worth a whopping $200K, in 2018 he was spotted driving this vehicle to the golf course. 25 years ago, he shocked the world when he got involved in a car chase with a white Bronco, this and the many legal issues and even time in prison have not put a damper on his enthusiasm for expensive vehicles. Especially his love for Bentley’s, in fact in 1988 he used to drive around in a Bentley Mulsanne, a rare and expensive model.

John Goodman

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Growing up, most of us were used to seeing John Goodman’s face in our favourite movies like King Ralph as well as voicing beloved cartoons from the Flintstones and Monsters Inc. Like politician Mike Pence, Goodman also has a Ford F-150, his being the 1997 model. While he hasn’t actually disclosed how much he had paid for the truck, we know that they are affordable compared to the other luxury vehicles on our list. We must admit it is nice to see such a big celebrity drive such a modest car, we wish him all the success in his still thriving career!

Alan Jackson

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Alan Jackson is an American Country musician and composer; he is considered to be amongst the most successful artists of his genre. Because of his success and fame, comes a lot of perks, like money. It is said that Jackson has a fortune of $75 million! He could have as many cars as he would like, and he does. His cars are mostly old school, and his favourite is his shiny classic red 1962 Corvette. This classic car will set you back at least $175K, but you’ll sure look really cool driving around in one of these!

James Cameron

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Established filmmaker James Cameron is known for his iconic films like Avatar and Titanic, he is practically swimming in money at this point. In fact, he has so much money that he actually has a collection of expensive and rare automobiles. One of his most unique cars he has is the 1991 Callaway Twin Turbo Speedster, when it was released at the time the price tag was a jaw dropping $186.6K, we can only imagine how much he must have paid for it.  With his upcoming Avatar sequels, we’re sure he’ll be adding another car to his collection soon.