Hacks To Help Your Kids with Homework


Image Source: pinterest.com

Your first grader is eager to learn new things every day – but often times, that means that you have to be right there with him when doing homework. And if homework time is rather frustrating than engaging and rewarding, then we’ve narrowed down for you a few tips on how to help your kids while maximizing their learning experience.

Set up a Schedule That Alternates Learning with Play

Play time, learning time, sleeping time, dinner time and active time are all essential in your child’s development. And in order to make sure that you are raising a well-rested, happy kid, it is essential to alternate the fun tasks with the more difficult ones. If you’re of the opinion that finishing homework right after school is ideal, then you’ll be surprised to know that specialists concluded that play time (and especially active play time) should always succeed school hours, for a balanced, happy childhood.

Take Short Breaks after Each 20 Minutes

In order to keep your kids focused yet entertained and motivated at the same time, make sure you take plenty of fun breaks during homework hours. If you’re helping a younger child, these breaks should occur every 15 minutes, while older kids can handle 20 to 30 minutes of homework before a fun break. To maximize your 5 minute breaks, rely on a variety of short family activities, from a brief dance party to ‘minute to win it’ games.

Include Interactive Elements in the Learning Process

A chalkboard with vibrant chalk colors, bright sharpies, a magnetic board with letters for spelling exercises, plastic animal toys for the biology lessons or a mini piano to practice songs – all welcomed in the learning process. Keep your child focused and stimulated with a variety of extra tools that you can easily find around your house and make learning both fun and productive.