Dads Who Win Father Of The Year


Whether they’re hilariously funny, compassionate and empathetic or simply innovative when it comes to relating with their kids, these next amazing dads have one thing in common: they ROCK! Check out our list of 10 fathers who deserve all the praise and the applause for their easygoing, fun and creative personalities!

The High-Tea Lover Dad

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Who said that only ladies can enjoy high-end tea, British style? When it comes to dressing up in pretty frocks complete with silky gloves and a show-stopper hat and sipping from tiny cups, this father is all in. This super-dad simply can’t say no to his adorable little daughter, who also invited her favorite doll and fluffiest stuffed bunny rabbit to her fancy event. It certainly looks like this dad was committed to playing the part and didn’t shy away from dolling up, but ‘shhhh!’ it seems that even so, he committed a fashion crime when he paired a long gown with black sport shoes.

The Strong and Enduring Super-Dad

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Pajamas on? Teeth brushed? Yes and yes! If you thought that story time was the next step of the process, then think again – this fun dad likes to spice things up and switch fairytales in favor of sportier activities. Just how many kids is too many? According to this super enduring dad, three is definitely a breeze when it comes to acting like a climbing wall for the little ones. We can only imagine how fun bed time activities are in this house, with a patient and fun dad like this guy right here!

The Frozen Princess Dad

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‘I don’t care what they’re going to say’… says Elsa in the ultra-popular movie ‘Frozen’ – and clearly, this cool dad shares the same philosophy as the beautiful Queen of Arendelle. While most little girls would take the role of Elsa themselves, this cutie decided to opt for an Olaf snowman costume instead, while letting her dad step into the girlier attire. As long as his daughter is happy, this dad is up for anything – including dressing up like the icy queen complete with a platinum blonde wig (that looks positively dashing against his black beard).

The Dad Who Rocked Pink Lipstick

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From tea parties to hairy makeovers and from cartoon character costumes to enjoying fancy manicures, there are few things that a great father won’t do just to make his little girl happy. And this guy right here certainly won’t shy away from the feminine activities. A dad that deserves the ‘father of the year’ crown is certainly not one intimated when it comes to accentuating his handsome features with a little bit of make-up. And when said make-up perfectly matches his daughter’s candy pink lips, then he simply has no complaints and enjoys the makeover session, complete with a gorgeous dash of eye-shadow.

The Empathetic Dad Who Got Tattooed

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This New Zeeland dad on our hall of fame list is certainly compassionate and full of love – so much so that he actually decided to get a tattoo of a cochlear implant that matches his daughter’s hearing device. While some might think that this devoted dad is actually a big fan of tattoos, things couldn’t be further from the truth – he actually has no other ones on his skin! His explanation: “The tattoo was a tribute – this was all about her, not me.” When asked about her father’s matching cochlear, this adorable little girl answered that she thought it was ‘so cool’.

The Spa-Goer Daddy

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From miniature cookies to Barbie dresses and from castles to little animals, there’s nothing you can’t do using everyone’s favorite toy: play-dough! But bonding with kids over squishy colorful dough? Well, sure! This easygoing dad knows very well that his little daughter’s favorite activity requires him stepping into the role of ‘spa guinea pig’. And this special fancy spa seems to offer a complex range of delightful services for a complete makeover: from pink manicures to relaxing cucumber slices for a reinvigorated look! The results: happy daughter and happy dad with dashing new nails and glowing skin!

The Dad Who Got a Leg Hair Makeover

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Little girls love ponytails and pigtails – and more often than not, they request their mommies to rocks the same toddler-favorite do. But some aren’t satisfied to matching with their moms alone and extend the pigtail club to include their dads as well. This guy right here was at the receiving end of a creative little kid, who ditched the traditional route and went on to create pigtails out of dad’s hairy legs, complete with colorful little elastics.  We’re willing to bet that this wasn’t the least painful hairdo!

The Innovative & Super Comfy Dad

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Some of the guys on our list give up their entire sense of comfort for their little ones and others sacrifice in order to allow their kids perform uncomfortable-looking makeovers on their skin. But this dad right here skillfully combines making his kid happy with his own comfort. Because who said you can’t have it both ways? In fact, we’re kind of bummed we haven’t thought of this innovative technique first: why stand and push the swing for hours on end when you can do so while relaxing in the shadow with your feet up?

The Dad Who Knows How to Accessorize

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We’ve seen dads who rocked the pinkest shades of lipstick, dads who performed as climbing walls and dads who got inked in order to match their daughters – all in the hopes of bringing joy to their little ones. Next up: this loving dad, who knows how to accessorize like a stylish pro. Why opt for trendy leather bangles and a swanky, expensive, envy-inducing watch when you can rock the best bracelet there is, aka one in rainbow colors, made of plastic little cubes, saying ‘love daddy’? Extra points for an eclectic look blending manly tattoos with the sweetest pigmented gift from his kid!