20 Amazing Ways To Use WD-40 That Probably Never Occurred To You


WD-40 has been around for decades, and while most of us would know that a can of WD-40 is a product used for mechanical or industrial purposes, what most of us don’t realize is that it can also be used around the home. WD-40 is so versatile that it

has tons of uses in and around the household, and is probably one of the most practical, cost-effective and handy products you can ever have in your shelf. Are you still in the dark about its many varied uses? Here are 20 amazing ways that you can use WD-40 around your home:

1. Polishing Silver

Image Source: pinterest.com

Silver is a tricky material. While it’s pretty to look at, it definitely is difficult to maintain. If you have stored silverware or amazing jewelry in silver setting, you will find that the silver degrades and tarnishes as time goes by if not taken care of properly. Simple cleaning and polishing will not protect silver from the ravages of time, so this is where WD-40 comes in handy. Spray down these precious materials with WD-40 and polish them as usual. You’ll find that your silver cutlery and fine jewelry will last longer periods of time before starting to tarnish. Regular cleaning and polishing with WD-40 can last your silver a long, long time.


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