15 Amazing Kitchen Cleaning Hacks


Greasy grates and stinky kitchen towels? No problem! From baking soda to onion and from vinegar to coconut oil, there is a wide range of unexpected kitchen cleaning hacks out there, waiting to be tried out… by you! We’ve compiled a list meant to help you clean like a pro with half the toxins and two times faster and better results. Check it out!

15. Ketchup for Ultra-Clean Copper

Image Source: wikihow.com

From the countertops to the sink and from the fridge to the oven, your kitchen needs a lot of work when it comes to thorough cleaning. But one aspect that usually gets neglected in the process is something that could be cleaned rather easily with the help of a common, store-bought food product. What, you ask? Well, copper pots – and their powerful friend called ketchup! That’s right, little old ketchup does an amazing job when it comes to cleaning grease, marks and stains from your favorite copper pots. The result: shiny, glowy, radiant copperware!

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