10 Ways Coconut Oil Improves Your Health


Coconut oil is amazing for us. It’s not yet gained the same level of popularity as extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oil, or omega oils, but it’s still a great product that is slowly revealing more and more of its benefits to us. I discovered coconut oil through reading about the Paleo diet, I added it to my meals and my life, and haven’t looked back since. These are my top ten uses for coconut oil that will give your health the boost it needs. They aren’t the only benefits, and by far not the only ways you can apply coconut oil to your life, but they’re a start.

10: Heart-healthy cooking oil.

Image Source: maxpixel.com

Many of the cooking oils we use every day are ridiculously bad for us. They’re highly processed, loaded with omega 6 fatty acids, and contain trans fats. Animal fats are just as bad, as fat from animals fed on unnatural diets promotes disease in humans. So we’ve started looking for healthier cooking oils. Olive oil is still king of the healthy oil department, but coconut oil is being found to have amazing health properties too, such as protecting our hearts. But, like with olive oil, just any coconut oil won’t do: get cold-pressed, virgin, organic coconut oil for the real health benefits.

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