10 Dads Who Win Father Of The Year


Whether they’re hilariously funny, compassionate and empathetic or simply innovative when it comes to relating with their kids, these next amazing dads have one thing in common: they ROCK! Check out our list of 10 fathers who deserve all the praise and the applause for their easygoing, fun and creative personalities!

9. The High-End Tea Lover Dad

Image Source: guff.com

Who said that only ladies can enjoy high-end tea, British style? When it comes to dressing up in pretty frocks complete with silky gloves and a show-stopper hat and sipping from tiny cups, this father is all in. This super-dad simply can’t say no to his adorable little daughter, who also invited her favorite doll and fluffiest stuffed bunny rabbit to her fancy event. It certainly looks like this dad was committed to playing the part and didn’t shy away from dolling up, but ‘shhhh!’ it seems that even so, he committed a fashion crime when he paired a long gown with black sport shoes.

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